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Posted: 02/09/2008 in do you know?



Where Does the Money Come From?

The one question nobody asks. And the one driving force that more than anything else defines the sad state of the world today. Most people think our governments simply print more money as the economy grows. For every question, there is a lie. For every lie, there is a truth. For every truth, there is a way. And for every way, there is a time.


The sad fact is, nobody (apart from a very few) knows where the money actually comes from.


But there are a few things that we do know. We know that the money supply has been increasing world-wide at around 7.5% per year. We know that local governments do not create any of this new money. We know that all new money is issued by the banking system as interest-bearing debt.


This truly is a curious state of affairs. Someone somewhere is creating all this new money out of thin air and selling it to us through the banks at high interest. We don’t know who they are. We don’t know if they are interested in our well-being. We don’t know if they give a hoot for our children. They might even be aliens bent on taking over the earth, for all we know. And whether they are aliens or not, that is exactly what they are doing.


Trillions of dollars worth of new debt is created each year around the world. All this debt is sold through the banks at high interest, in exchange for negotiable securities like mortgages, debentures, personal guarantees and the like. All this new money originates from outside our governments’ sovereignty and control. It may all originate in cyberspace. And no one has any means of tracing it to its source.


And yet year after year, governments everywhere continue to play this rigged game; a game in which someone high up in the world banking system always wins and the borrowers always lose. And it is government itself (ignorantly perhaps) that continues to deal these winning hands to the bankers.


All new money enters the system as interest-bearing debt. So the first prerequisite of new money issue is demand. There must be a willing borrower. Now ever since “money” was invented, there’s never been enough of the stuff. Very early on, a few wily goldsmiths/bankers cottoned on to the Fractional Reserve System, whereby paper notes purportedly representing real gold were seen to require only a fraction of their value in gold deposits. This allowed them to begin multiplying their own “paper” money many times greater than their actual resource backing.


When Kings and Princes began borrowing this dubious new money, the stage was set for the present highly questionable tax system to take root. As governments were forced to repay debt on money that was actually created out of thin air by the bankers, they begin to rely more and more on tax payments from their subjects as a way to repay debt. Thus taxes were not designed to fund services. Rather, they were designed to service debt.


Which brings us to our present state of affairs, whereby taxes have little or nothing to do with “funding” government services; except by an illusionary connection. The only thing that can fund government in a sustainable sense is an actual surplus created in private sector commerce. And even on the face of it, punitive income taxes destroy private incentive to produce, create, save and invest. Thus the only connection is a reverse one. In other words taxation destroys the sustainable government funding base rather than supplying it.


So there you have it. Taxes create a shortage of wealth and money in the private sector, forcing individuals and businesses to borrow from the banks to replace that “stolen” by government taxes and government incompetence.


Local banks use our security documents to create mortgage bonds and other financial instruments through which they can borrow amounts far in excess of their actual deposit holdings from “offshore” sources. It is these offshore entities who actually create our “new” money (the new money we have been forced to borrow through taxation) out of thin air.


Once our loans have been repaid, the local banks are able to profit on the interest differences times ten or more, giving them plenty of incentive to keep quiet and keep the present system going.


But the real power rests with those anonymous individuals in cyberspace who create all this new money out of thin air. Once their loans are repaid (by the local banks), this new money is beautifully “laundered” allowing them to then purchase controlling interests in all the most profitable multinational businesses including strategic infrastructure, pharmaceuticals, petro-chemicals, telecommunications, transportation, armaments, and of course the media. And that’s precisely why you have never heard this before.


We know by reading the history books that early Kings and Princes borrowed from the money lenders to conduct exploration, colonization, and war. Today, governments are still trying to colonize and take over others’ territories, or are trying to take back what has been lost. And of course there is the ongoing competition for what appears to be scarce world oil reserves.


So, whenever there is a new challenge or a new opportunity for government to colonize, or to overcome some challenge, taxes inevitably go up. And this plays right into the hands of the money lenders, as it always has. Throughout history this has lead to an ongoing temptation for the moneylenders to create havoc and mayhem at every opportunity. Taxes and/or government borrowing inevitably follow; gifting the money lenders yet more opportunity to create cash out of thin air, and steal more precious ownership rights from we mere mortals through debt slavery and inflation.


Anyone who has seriously studied history will see the bankers’ threads woven ‘round and through; including the Russian Revolution, World War 1, Hitler’s rise to power, the Second World War, the establishment of Israel, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, “Desert Storm”, and the coming war with Iran.


Throughout history assassinations and “False flag” operations undertaken by “anonymous” individuals have signaled more warfare, more death, more destruction, and more taxes; and more profit for the bankers. Even 9-11 bears all the trademarks of conspiracy. Could all this be by the hidden hand of the bankers? If it is, it’s all because of taxes.


We really have only two choices.


First, turn a blind eye until the bankers own everything and control a one world dictatorship in which we will be mere wage slaves.


Or end all taxation and empower our own governments with the right to create new interest-free money proportional with the growing economy.


Your choice. It’s really not that difficult to choose, is it?


Make the right choice, and start asking everyone you know that one all-important question:


Religion, of whatever color, has been a very effective front for those who hold the purse strings of power.