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Skinhead Girl Con Dolor de ovarios. by Beechwood 4-5789.



Skinheads are members of a subculture that grew out of Great Britain and then spread throughout the world. The skinhead subculture has been active since the mid to late 1960s, but the term skinhead remains a loaded word evoking many different connotations. Like many subcultures, skinheads have evolved and changed with the times. Splinter groups have formed for certain beliefs, the movement naturally evolves as society changes, and backlash reactions to generalizations made against the subculture by the dominant culture have also changed the movement. Today the label skinhead is subject to much misunderstanding and confusion, increased only by the radically different meanings associated with the term in different cultures and classes.



  1. Before you can “be” a skinhead you have to know what it means. For many music, culture and fashion movements what individuals’ stand for is clear for the whole group. For skinheads, this is not true. To know what kind of skinhead you want to be consider:
    • The history of the skinhead movement.
    • The kind of skinhead groups local to you.
    • What draws you to being a skinhead? Is it the music, the clothing, political beliefs, social class or something else?
    • Know how to dress, and how not to dress

Know the history

In the early 1960s, before the hippie movement, there were primarily two youth groups based on music in the United Kingdom. One group was called the mods, the other the rockers. Mods mostly listened to R&B, soul, ska skinhead inna spin 1960s style by nualabugeye.and British rock bands such as The Who and Small Faces. Rockers mostly listened to 1950s American rock & roll. Being a mod meant dressing very well, riding a scooter and dancing late into the night. Rockers rode motorcycles and wore leather jackets, similar to greasers, their American counterparts To learn more about mods and rockers watch the movie Quadrophenia (1973).

When the psychedelic 1960s hit England, the mods split into a wide variety of fashions and styles including hippies and the skinheads. This period is where the fashion of skinheads was first defined. Skinhead fashion is intended to show pride in a traditional English working-class look.

As time went by and the skinhead movement spread around the world, the original beliefs and values evolved and split into a variety of different subcultures. Today, skinhead can mean almost anything, depending on your own beliefs, country, culture, class and where you get your information. The fascist skinheads, originally a very small minority, got a lot of press attention and in many ways were the first “ambassadors” of the skinhead look to the rest of the world. Fascist skinheads are about as common as regular fascists, and they are the exact opposite of the original skinhead philosophies and music.

Know your local skinheads

  1. Find clubs or other places where ska, reggae, soul, Oi!, or old-school hardcore and punk is played in your area. These are the types of music skinheads are most interested in.
  2. Find your local skinheads. They shouldn’t be hard to pick out of the crowd.
  3. Eventually, if the scene’s a good fit for you, you’ll wind up shaving your head or having it shaved for you.
  4. Never act like you know everything.
  5. If you find that the skinhead scene where you live does not reflect your beliefs, then consider an alternate subculture that better reflects your own values.


Understand the kinds of skinheads

  1. Today, skinheads can be broken down in many ways, but the following categories may be a good place to start. Skinheads are divided into categories based on style and categories based on political beliefs.


Style categories

  • Traditional skinheads identify with the original skinhead movement (Spirit of 69) in terms of music, style, culture and working class pride. Unlike the other categories, traditionalist skinheads often do not regard attitudes toward racism as central to the subculture.
  • Oi! skins and punk-skinheads – Originating after the development of punk rock, they prefer Oi! and punk music. They often have shorter hair and more tattoos —Red SHARP skinhead by pierre.elie_robert. and wear items such as high boots, tight jeans, T-Shirts and flight jackets. Although the original Oi! bands advocated a pro-worker populist stance, the Oi! fanbase includes a wide range of political beliefs.
  • Hardcore skins – A United States-based version of skinheads, part of the hardcore punk music scene associated with bands such as Iron Cross, Agnostic Front, Cro-mags, Sheer Terror, Warzone and Murphy’s Law. Hardcore skins tend to dress a little bit more casual, often donning Adidas samba’s instead of boots. Somewhat baggier jeans and non traditional “Windbreaker” type jackets and hooded sweatshirts are also commonplace. Certain aspects of the traditional skinhead style, like Muttonchops, Ben Shermans, Scally Caps and of course, cropped hair are still present however, to identify with the subculture.
  • Gay Skinhead – A gay person who identifies with the skinhead subculture. Gay skinheads can also fit into other style or political categories.


Political categories

  • Anti-racist (SHARP): Aggressively opposed to neo-Nazism and racism, although not always political in terms of other issues. The label SHARP is sometimes used to describe all anti-racist skinheads, even if they aren’t members of a SHARP organization.
  • Apolitical, Centrist or Anti-political skinheads, or skinheads who keep their political views out of the skinhead subculture. They often have a sense of working class pride, but not so much in a political sense. Most traditional skinheads, or “trojans” fit this category.
  • Left-wing skinheads are anti-racist and anti-fascist, taking a militant pro-working class stance. The most well-known organization in this category is Red and Anarchist Skinheads (RASH).
  • Right-wing: Conservative and patriotic, but not necessarily extreme or fascist. This type of skinhead seems to be common in the United States.
  • White Power or Nazi skinhead: Racist, extremely nationalist and highly political. Despite the common moniker, many Nazi skinheads have no connection to the original skinhead culture in terms of style or interests. SHARPs and traditional skinheads often refer to them as boneheads. Racist skinheads are found largely in prisons, as part of a gang. However, many of these members are not truly racist, but form a white gang because of the existence of black and Hispanic prison gangs.

Know how to dress skinhead

  • Hair:
    • Originally, between a 2 and 3 grade clip-guard (short, but not bald); beginning in the late 1970s, typically shaved closer, with no greater than a number 2 guard. Now some skinheads clip their hairSkinhead Fiona by fionawho. with no guard, and some even shave it with a razor. This started with the introduction of the Oi! scene.
  • Coats:
    • MA-1 type flight jackets (popular brands: Warrior and Alpha), usually black or green; Harrington jackets; monkey jackets; Crombie-style overcoats; sheepskin 3/4 length coats; donkey jackets; parkas.
  • Bottoms:
    • Men: Levi’s, Lee or Wrangler jeans (usually blue), straight leg with rolled cuffs (turn-ups) to show off boots, often with hem cut off and sewn to give neater, flatter turn-up; Sta-Prest flat-fronted slacks and other trousers; bleachers (jeans splattered with bleach to resemble camouflage trousers), popular among punk-influenced Oi! skins; combat trousers (plain or camouflage), popular among Oi! skins and scooter boys.
    • Women: Same jeans and trousers as men, or skirts and stockings. Some skingirls wear fishnet stockings and mini-skirts, a style introduced during the skinhead revival.
  • Footwear:
    • Men: boots, originally army surplus or generic workboots which is what Dr. Martins were, originally, surplus British Army boots. Then commercialized Dr. Martens (AKA Docs, DMs or Doc Martens) boots and shoes. Other brands of boots have become popular, partly because Dr. Martens and Grinders footwear are no longer made in England.
    • Women: Dr. Martens boots or shoes, monkey boots, loafers or brogues.
  • Hats:
    • Trilby hats; pork pie hats; flat caps (AKA Scally cap, Benny or driver cap). Less common have been bowler hats (AKA derby hats), mostly among suedeheads and those influenced by the film A Clockwork Orange (1971).
  • Braces:
    • Various colours, usually no more than ½ inch in width. In some areas, wider braces may identify a skinhead as either white power or a wanna-be.



  • You can’t become a skinhead by reading an Internet instruction guide.
  • If you run in to real skinheads, you will probably get made fun of and maybe beat up.
  • Never be a poser, do it or dont bother.  
  1. Greatings since South America, Great Articule about our culture, I am a Trojan Skinhead. But be careful cuz it is more than a fashion It is a way of life.



  2. skin 41 says:

    thats the way we look at it in hastings england see im on benfits and am trying to get a flat but every immagrant that moves here gets everything handed to them of the lorrys

    with this if you wanna be a skinhead then its for life not just for chrismas
    beware it is not all that you think it is
    skin 41

  3. Deon says:

    You write the biggest load of fucking bollox .There’s no rules to being a skinhead.The only thing it is is being working class that’s it.What’s this nazi shit.Skinheads never been about nazis or nazis being skinheads.Wankers like you give skinheads a bad name.Why do you wanna be a skinhead if you wanna wear a fucking hat you knob-end?

    • alan says:

      Ello Deon
      i am now 58 almost 59, i’ve been a skin since 1969,
      i fully agree with you, you are a skinhead or not, it’s not some sorta club,
      it’s for life, bollox to politics, skin forever,
      greetz alan stewart (TROJAN and fukkin proud to be.)

  4. scott huckaby says:

    skinheads are cool

  5. mardhan says:

    oi oi oi
    my name’s mardhan
    i’m from bandung indonesia
    in my country is difficulty to get docmar shoes
    i want to be a real oi!
    help me please…
    thnx 4 ur aid
    oi oi oi

  6. pabloskins says:

    anti racism n facism………indonesia skins

  7. will says:

    i’m a sharp, and the warning is pretty funny…hahaha… but it’s a god article after all because tell the truth abouts the skinheads and not just the crap about the nazis,
    Oi! Oi! from Brazil

  8. luke says:

    i fall into the united states skinhead catgory cause us U.S. skinheads are the most badass ones out there look it up its proven the UK skinheads has nothing on us……..

  9. Melchi says:


    This is a great initiative & I must admit that if you want to become a skinhead you should definitely get in touch with people of your local scene. Where I live we don’t have much ‘real’ skinheads. We are Trojan Skins & don’t particularly consider racists as skins.

    We believe that politics don’t have anything to do with the skinhead subculture. Your political belief is personal & shouldn’t be associated with a subculture that exists by it’s own.

    What devides the scene is the politics. We create separations in a scene that should have been united from the start!

    Stand tall & proud,

  10. riccy says:

    very funny)I skin girl?Iive in Russia)

  11. paul says:

    I’m a Polish Trojan Skin Head and I’m dissgusted with that nazi crab they are not a skin heads please stop !!!

  12. Kyle says:

    Im a working class skinhead from califorinia, skinheads are not racist, Im tired of people accusing skinheads of being racist. Nazis are racist but not skinheads

  13. baby kevin! says:

    im a skin from salt lake city and a lot of the trads sharps and oi skins get along here we just dont like bonehead scum and theres not really any redskins at all but we got a pretty desent skinhead scene. thats a pretty good description except on the shoes cause you didnt put sambas on there. but who cares its not the stile its the fuckin heart! if your gonna be a skin dont do it cause you saw this is england (although that is a good movie) or what i hate more is the stupid fuckers that watch that stupid fuckin movie american history x! that shits fuckin retarded. atleast if your gonna be a bonehead no your root and be ready to die! fuck all the boneheads they fuckin ruined our subculture and i think its fuckin time to take it back, the only thing is there the ones that do stupid enough shit to make the fuckin news by beating up people that our diffrent just by the color of there skin! Atleast when real skins beat up a nazi it for something that that person fuckin chooses to be stupid enough to believe in! which is why i dont think hella militant sharps are hipocrits like a lot of people say. nazi skinheads are fuckin stupid first off the nazis lost the fuckin war so why would you want to be a loser second they claim skinhead which started with racial unity third half of em are on welfare taking us workers money fourth there just ignorant peaces of shit fifth most of em are fuckin tweakers and thats the same shit they bitch about black or mexican people doin it just dont make fuckin sence. well if your a bonehead and you read this i hope you fuckin die you piece of shit. but to all the trads sharps and oi skins cheers!

    • Alex A. says:

      hey up mate, i have been a skin since 86, live in England but i’m planning on moving to salt lake, i’m a trojan traditional skin and would like to meet like minded trads in your are mate will be nice to make new mates and drink a few pints since i will be new to the area, hit me up on my email..cheers

  14. Nobita says:

    Nice, shoot
    I’m indonesian trad skins for 10 years.and i’m still proud.
    good warning, coz skinhead not just you read from internet, zine etc but you live in that culture, then you can choose your own way of life
    Buat Mardhan yg cari DocMart. kapan² main ke Surabaya di hari Sabtu/Minggu. cb maen ke Pasar Gembong disitu byk djual DocMart bekas Impor murah cm 125rb bs dtwar pe 60rb. tp ukuran tergantung stock

  15. alan says:

    skinheads dont have to defend what we LOVE,
    we are and always will be

  16. john stukely says:

    oi! oi!
    a skinhead is a skinhead neo nazi skinheads are bollocks

  17. eddie says:

    i fucking hate how america is becoming all theses spiks and niggers here now we need to stand up and fight for the white race im already starting here in ft.myers i want to become a neo-nazi im so sick of this bullshit

  18. niggers have more class than skinheads says:

    black people have more values and class than you dumb fucking rejects, you all live in trailer parks and you all fuck ur daughters and you all dont have two cents to scratch your asses and its not cause of black people or other sects of people its cause you are just fucking morons.

    its fucking hilarious how fucking dumb you are.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA fucking IDIOTS scumbags hope your mamas gave you all a nice blo this morning

  19. Broski says:

    Russian Skinheads are the best

  20. jerry says:

    im a white power skinhead from north california and theres a lot of racist skinheads in my area and all you bitchs that aint racist your pathetic because you really want your children looking up to all these non white bull shit that teach our children in school. i say fuck everybody that aint white and all you mother fuckers that are white and aint racist i really feel sorry for you. your not fuckin skinheads your fuckin nigger loveing white descrase

  21. Andee says:


  22. tom says:

    help me and my gals become skins, we want a family that wont fuck us over, if anyone can help, send me an email. SIEG HEIL!!!

  23. bob says:

    Jellybeans taste good. Nice article.

  24. JD says:

    Well, Its been a while , But I was a Skinhead in the late 80’s early 90’s Not sure if their were any skins like me, I was their for hanging out and drinking, always Identafide myself as a Skunk Skin, Iv been in fights with Sharp Skins against Nazi Skins, Iv also been in fights with nazi skins against the laten Kings, (a streat gang). ( I myself like woman to much to be racest) it didnt really matter what color you are , If your an ass when I was araound I could hit ya, If you were cool we could hang out.

    Some nights I had on my Green bomber jacket, bluejeans, red are gray braces and my 20 eye ox blood docs and a flanle shirt wraped around my waist.

    Other nights the same exsept my Doc Martin warror boots with steel plats on the front going up the boots and a leather jacket with all kinds of crap hanging on it.

    Like I said , I like weman to much to be picky about their race, So my bigget deal outside the music, scene, beer, and the look was rescuing woman as often as I could, LOL

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