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The Next Magazine, a weekly publication from Hong Kong, reported that infant corpses and fetuses have become the newest supplements for health and beauty in China. Not only is the placenta considered a beauty remedy, but also aborted fetuses are much sought after delicacies. In Guangdong, gourmet body parts are in high demand and can even be purchased through hospitals. The magazine’s investigations into this form of cannibalism took them to Liaoning province.

According to The Next Magazine, during a banquet hosted by a Taiwanese businessman, a servant Ms Liu from Liaoning province on the mainland inadvertently revealed the habit of eating infants/fetuses in Liaoning province and her intention to return for the supplement due to health concerns. The Taiwanese women present were horrified.

Ms Liu also disclosed that even though people can afford the human parts there are still waiting lists and those with the right connections get the “highest quality” human parts, which translates to the more mature fetuses. A male fetus is considered the “prime” human part.

At the The Next Magazine’s request, Ms Liu personally escorted the reporter to a location where a fetus was being prepared. The reporter observed a woman chopping up a male fetus and making soup from the placenta. During the process, the woman even tried to comfort everyone by saying, “Don’t be afraid, this is just the flesh of a higher animal.”

The boy’s remains were cremated in the mountains in accordance with the customs of the region.

In fact, in China, reports about meals made from infant flesh have surfaced from time to time. A video is on the Internet for people to view. In the introduction, the Chinese claim that eating a human fetus is an art form.

On March 22, 2003, police in Bingyan, Guangxi Province seized 28 female babies smuggled in a truck from Yulin, Guangxi Province going to Houzhou in Anhui Province. The oldest baby was only three months old. The babies were packed three or four to a bag and many of them were near death and none were claimed by their parents.

On the morning of October 9, 2004, a person rifling through the garbage on the outskirts of Jiuquan city in the Suzhou region, found dismembered babies in a dumpster. There were two heads, two torsos, four arms, and six legs. According to the investigation, these corpses were no more than a week old and they had been dismembered after cooking.

Although China has laws that prohibit the eating of human fetus, the regime’s forced abortions to ensure the one child policy is strictly adhered to thereby creating many opportunities for these sorts of atrocities to occur.

What would make people do such a thing without any fear of condemnation?


  1. ray says:

    is not good that human fetus could be the delicacy how’s the the respect of human right isn’t function……. i am a christian human created to manage the earth not to eat it is murder right?

    • Justification says:

      Human Fetus, any animals, insects, etc, etc, etc. are claimed to be an aphrodisiac, skin smoothing, making you feel younger and energetic, can make your life longer and all the crap – These are just purely justification for this barbarians to hide the truth that china is over populated and that real food supply is not enough for all of them. Prior to the rise of population during communist regime of Mao where you are only allowed to give birth to only one child (Demand > Supply), what can we do – when people are horny, no matter what control you’re going implement-it’ll going to be breach. Has anybody know how grave the penalty for having more than one child? I’ll just leave that one up to you. Anyway, people who can not control their urge for sex (these people are stupid ’cause they don’t know withdrawal technique and they don’t have money for condoms either) will end neither giving birth secretly nor just before tummy of the wife becomes obvious, then they abort the fetus. Becomes a delicacy just so there are no evidence left behind.

  2. ha says:

    how awful

  3. John doe says:

    No wonder they bombed China! to bad the effects were not strong enough to rid the earth of disgusting acts like this!…..God will Judge those who are Disgusting to him come Judgment Day!….. This is the most disgusting thing on the Planet next to Scat eating!…..
    And those who participate in such things should be Destroyed!………

    • crossbone says:

      Whaat? Bombing is even a higher form of cannibalism… People get fried. People are cooked… And to me cooking human is a form of cannibalism. The bomber may not eat the what has been cooked, but in the contrary the land are consumed by the bomber… Wait, i think it was Japan that was bombed not China. But Japan did bombed china. Nanking Massacre…

    • JW says:

      hey careful what you say my family died in that war and they were innocent.

      these images were controversial ART PIECES done by an artist named Zhu Yu. research before you jump to conclusion.

  4. giorgina says:

    this is ilegal and disgusting your chines people are some crazy motherfuckers…. would you like some one to eat your baby ass holes

    • Anonymous says:

      Okay, I totally agree with what you say, but YOU do not have to bring up “CHINESE” people in general. Maybe some chinese people in Asia eat this shit, but not all chinese people, so shut up.

  5. krystina says:


  6. samarth says:

    madar chod apna land bhi fry kar ke kha le ,chut ke ball

  7. caLee says:

    _ WTF

  8. future baby mamma says:

    okay, so looking at this makes me wanna barf you sick bastard!!!!!!! im about to have a kid,, you gunna munch on its meat?? i dont fukin think so not for a gagillion dollars. I am appaled!!!!!!! =(

  9. Shiyke Phase says:

    Wow, Don’t they realize that cannibalism, regardless of how young the bodies are, Leads to disorders in species equal to mad cow disease? Mad cow disease is caused by processing cow corpses and body parts into their food to bulk it up. The genetic damage they are doing to themselves is horrifying and it passes on genetically.

  10. true human being says:

    are you human?………………… are you real monster… ?.. it is so said some people.. kill innoccent child… you sacrifice a baby for better and progressive country.. no offense did your law indicate it is okay to kill a baby?…. how come…………. you are not in the position of killing and eating a human being.. like carnibal?………….. what kind of human being you are…………… you dont have heart…………………………….killer bitch!

  11. Domi says:

    WTFFFFFFF!!!!this china man is soooooooooooooo sickkkkkkkk!

  12. Christian Advocate says:

    Are you insane??? can’t you CHINESE PEOPLE HAVE anything to do with your stupid customs? you implement a one child policy and then you eat other kids? that’s a REALLY SICK BELIEF .. no wonder you guys are known for your stupidity … we all know that we all have ethics! you don’t act like civilized people… you act like primates…. i hope you all think of what you do….EEEWwww..

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  14. jhomai says:

    how dare them eating their own flesh… they think what better lives could these babies have if they let this angels live?how immortal…may God forgive what they have done and what they are still doing..

  15. jhomai says:

    sick pathetic…how unprofessional and uneducated sick must be punished by eating your own kind of specie how terrible…..IMORTAL… know you dont have any difference with Satan….you’re more pathetic than the beggars begging for food what i mean is REAL FOOD,FOOD FOR WELL-MANNERED PEOPLE…NOT AN ILL-MINDED LIKE YOU…

  16. cindy says:

    This is total Bullshit. Let me tell you madgaboon. I don’t know what the fuxx you really are. You are a fuxxing idiot and truly a mother-fuxxer.

  17. nicholle says:

    that is sooo can they live with themselves???

  18. ofw arboleda says:

    they are devil to do that things,,,eating human fetus. big wrong

  19. stopabortion says:

    dogs are ok dogs are just like pigs and cows like but not human fetus

  20. manadee says:


  21. Jenni says:

    This is ludacris!!!!!!! This goes to show that Satan truly does rule this world!!! We Christians have to make a stand and put a stop to this!!!! We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!! The day God says enough, is the day these people will suffer grat agony.. And how the heck is eating an innocent baby good for your health? Satan has really worked hard at aborting our future apostles and all other humans God intended to use!! Grrrrrr, this is terrible!!! God, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing….

  22. alvin says:

    that is fuckingbullshit amaw man tingaali sila mga ongo miyawa
    s mong tanan, matay palang na sila grgrgrgrgrgr

  23. Vivek says:

    What is with this world and where is it headed to..? munching humans..?? someone needs to knock some sense into these bastards..!

  24. Chinesegirl says:

    THAT’S DISGUSTING!!!!! words cannot describe how appaled i am. dont let these sick twisted psycos give you a bad rep of chinese people, THE REST OF US DO NOT EAT HUMANS

  25. ketmany says:

    This is so sick!! so sad.

  26. alicia says:

    how does eating an animal corpse/dead flesh makes it moral or ethically correct? I agree it’s gross, it makes me vomit looking at the picture and I’m not a vegetarian either, but what makes it immoral to eat our own kind? aren’t we all animals? but we somehow distinguish ourself selfishly as one that’s higher than any other because we’re able to ration and think, and other animals can’t… well… babies can’t ration, think or make plans, just like any other animals… but they all can feel pain… can’t they?

  27. Jesse Hey says:

    it is unfortunate that things like this occur. yet this is the way of man. nnot the way of the LIVING GOD. man will do what man will do, men will do by holy inspiration what they will do.
    this is just a part of what has been written down long ago to convict man of his (her) sin.
    there is no litigation with the LORD, only truth. though you are alive now you will eventually die. then you will know whether or not Jesus is real. So bantering over this site is fruitless.
    our consciense sets all of mankind seperate from the rest of the animal planet, my question being, “where did this conscience come from?” did it not come from intelligent design?
    with me the “big bang theory” doesn’t cut it. I compare throwing a piece of sand into the air,
    we hear a big BANG, and when the smoke clears some 50, 000,000,000 years down the road we have a complete andup-to-date version of the Encylopidia Brittanica….THINK

  28. Sarah says:

    that really sucks…we let those people eat babies or even fetuses?!!! those people are really crazy and cannibals. the authorities should stop this kind of murder. I mean it is still murder, why dont dead babies or unborn babies be rest in peace.

  29. Annon says:


  30. kill thatfuck says:

    kill that fuck.

  31. whatever says:

    this is totally not right!

  32. ejo says:

    i wanna cry… i feel really bad………….:”'( this is so wrong.

  33. GOD CURST all that act…………. fuck

  34. Diosdado bernabe says:

    Yakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk……… kadiri,,,,,,,,,,, its a canibalism way its not good for our health but maybe we should try hmmmmm yummy……

  35. MOZEKOVISHU says:

    so sick ppl….. it seems they dont hav enough food left to eat…….

  36. JIRCILY says:

    Fetus are babies …Babies are gift from GOD… What an cannibalistic ACT!!!
    I’m not a perfect person ..but, such an idiot act i can’t tolerate such things…
    GOD cleanse the WORLD… It’s time for cleaning up Jesus…

  37. JIRCILY says:

    Fetus are babies …Babies are gift from GOD… What an cannibalistic ACT!!!
    I’m not a perfect person ..but, such an idiot act i can’t tolerate such things…
    GOD cleanse the WORLD… It’s time for cleaning up Jesus… Poor babies DON’t cry little angels THE HEAVEN your HOME…

  38. lene says:

    my God…thats human being..are devil!

  39. DAmit i will kill those eat human damm this shit argh!!!!

  40. A bipolar guy says:

    THIS IS A HOAX. This has circulated all over the internet but the stories and the pictures are fake, fake, fake!

  41. Nana says:


  42. Ice says:

    perhaps because they’re eyes are too small that they don’t realize what they’re actually eating! stupid people!

  43. Nila says:

    Those people who eat human fetus is absolutely crazy crazy crazy. They need to be executed.

  44. Seriously? YUCK! So the Chinese are cannibals!

  45. 420 all day everyday says:

    to this crazy asian stupid bastrad eating this innocent babyy….
    YOUR A FUCKNNN DUMBASSS FUCKK YOUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go get real foooodd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  46. the eater of fetus hes canival ewww!!!yukkkii!!!!hes not a human

  47. yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!the human eater of fetus

  48. princess says:

    ,,,,,this is awful,,,,,
    ,,my god how can they eat a whole baby,,,
    ,,,i don’t care if it is delicacy or what,,,
    ,,,,imagine,,,,you ate a baby,,,ahhh,,,,
    ,,,,STOP THIS,,,,,,PLEASE,,,,

  49. naveshah says:

    this is the most disgusting thing i have ever seen. Its appaling. How cn one think of eating babies? Fucking chinese people u eat your own shit. Assholes eat your own babies then you will knw.

  50. naveshah says:

    anythng is a delicacy in china. They may cook their own shit nd make it a delicacy. Fucking assholes. Really pissed off after seeing such stuff. You cruel assholes motherfuckers

  51. debbieforlife says:

    Forced abortions in China is WRONG! Eating fetuses is WRONG!!!!! Having to pay any amount of money to the government(like you have to get their permission to have a baby?!) to have more than one child is WRONG!!! “The fruit of the womb is His (God’s) reward.”
    By the way, while I am at it, Americans aborting their babies is WRONG TOO!!!
    WE OUGHT TO OBEY GOD, RATHER THAN MEN!!!! This is a challenge to you in CHINA!!! Obey God, and leave, if you have to, to have your baby…..your government is WICKED!!!!! At present, so are some in our government, as well(referring to Obama….)

  52. amythel says:

    where is the human right about this?

  53. KNS says:

    come to think of it, be human or animal, they have the rights to live and they have feelings of pain, sad, grief just like YOU.
    If you love your family members, do not eat animals.
    Love your family and others families

  54. SArel says:

    im only a 16yrs old boy and in our topic in school we have to make a research paper and when I open a website theres one thing who make me scared of when I read that there are people who also eating human himself so it came to my mind that what if I will make it as my research paper but for its sooooooo very canibalsmmmmmm and barbarism

  55. Nichole says:

    I have 3 beautiful children and looking at this makes me so thankful that the are here with me rather than where they would be devoured by cold, heartless, insenstive bastards like that. I’m appalled at these murderous assholes. God will have his judgment on them and I pray he shows no mercy!!!!!!!

  56. rechie1973 says:

    its an evil act,and they are not human they are evil,,,

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